Monday, November 22, 2010

what a face

So my self portrait got into the student show! I am excited it turned out awesome! this saturday i did a face i was working of a high fashion picture but did not have time to do the strange details so i think i am going to work on it more but here it is . I love the mouth and the eyes
they are pretty interesting i am going to work on making the eyes more realistic.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Figure drawing with a nude model

 This was one of the hardest classes ever i was very discouraged in my ability to draw what i saw especially after looking around
 This happens to be what i think is a very bad rendition of what the women acutally looked like especially because she had no face
 once again her shape is distorted but i love her hair!

 This was my best representation of her.  the body is pretty accurate her face is just a little fat
i love the hair i did on her too I am getting pretty good with hair i am excited!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three weeks of work and it is done

So i know that it has been a while since i have posted but i have been working on the same picture and it is finally done!

I was drawing this picture with pencil and what i put down in 2 weeks time wasnt barely enough to distinguish from the page so i went and ask for help and i was told to use charcol.

I took that suggestion and i covered what was in pencil with charcol and added in more detail it turned out amazing!!! here are the pictures

 this is when i first put the charcol down over my picture scary huh!!!
this is with some smoothing out

i added some white tones for the highlights

i erased the curl pattern in the hair out and darkened some areas to make the hair pop

this is the finish product and original picture

detail of the hair and my right eye