Friday, October 15, 2010

Trial and Error

Here is ther drawing that i did the other day that i could not post I like the way it turned out if you have any suggestions let me know i am really partial to faceless people ... i think it makes it more mysterious . Like the possibilities of who they could truly be are endless!

I am getting alot better with drawing hair i love the way the mans hair turned out

this is my very loose representation of a Henri Toulouse Lautrec Piece Dans Le Lit

For class this Saturday i needed to do a still life. I had alot of cool ideas with jewlery and vases and cups. But the problem was the still life also needed to be symetrical and the ones that i had thought of to be an interesting composition after i finished setting it up the full image was no longer symetrical.  So I ended up with an Apple and two oranges.... I know fruit will be very popular for this project.

After all was said and done this is what i came up with and the drawing is good the apple is a little big and i added more green to the front of the apple (artistic license)

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